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Brandon Wint is a poet, spoken word artist and teacher who is devoted to the articulation of the beauty within the human condition. His intricately-rendered performance pieces present a passionate, sincere and whimsical version of humanity. His writing, performance, and pedagogical approach all affirm, in their different ways, that there is beauty to be found in the struggle, and solace to be found in sincerity-of-spirit. He is an artist who uses poetry to harness empathy within himself, and have each of his words, deeds, creations and performances reflect that empathy unambiguously. He is a two-time national champion slam poet, a nationally published writer, as well as arts-educator and curator of artistic events.

Pillars of Poetry



Brandon's Philosophy

For nearly as long as Brandon has been performing poetry on stages and in cafes, he has been teaching the art of writing poetry. Over time, his approach to teaching has grown, shifted, and refined itself according to the influences of his university education, and the teachings of admirable poets he befriended. Brandon is well known for blending an academically grounded approach to poetry, which he inherited in his several years of study as an Honours English student at Carleton University, with a spiritual-emotional approach. Brandon gives his students the ability to understand the fundamental structure of free verse poetry in a way that is coherent, accessible, and grounded in his own experience. These technical tenets are joined by a strong emphasis on authenticity, sincerity and the exploration of personal narrative. As an arts-educator, Brandon firmly believes that poetry is, ultimately, an act of telling the truth. He helps his students arrive at their personal truths and distill them into evocative, satisfying poetic verse. If you have questions about how to register for one of Brandon`s courses, or how to book at your school, workplace, or community building event, feel free to e-mail him at: brandontwint@gmail.com


For me, authenticity and sincerity-of-voice are the primary goals of poetry. Once we learn to write from a genuine place of feeling and meaning, we open ourselves to poetry's power. We allow poetry to be a tool for self discovery and healing.


There is no poetry without sincerity.


Within the human experience, there is no way to escape narrative. Our very lives are stories. We are narratives bound in other narratives, we are the inheritor of the stories our ancestors told in the living of their lives. We are, all of us, the articulation of a story trying, always, to redeem itself, to express some manner of truth.


The ultimate goal of poetry, or perhaps any expression, is to touch truth. Truth, it seems, is only knowable by feeling, by the intuition that persists in our guts during important moments. There are areas of truth that cannot be reckoned with or reasoned into. Certain realities can only be discovered by feeling. I suppose this is why art survives. Its practitioners turn to art to master their feelings; in that mastery we hope to touch the bottom-most, truest parts of ourselves.

Brandon Wint

Career Highlights

Career Highlights

In addition to his work as an arts-educator, Brandon is devoted to bolstering creative community in his role as a curator and event-organizer. Most notably, during his time as a resident of Ottawa, he was the principal visionary behind two regularly-running creative cabarets: The Artistic Showcase and The Cookies and Tea Concert series. Both shows brought together highly devoted, highly skilled poets, musicians and multi-disciplinary artists for the sake of exposing them to the broader community. Brandon`s work as curator, organizer and master-of-ceremonies also took on a national scope, as he was an important member of the organizing committee of YouthCanSlam--Canada`s national youth poetry festival, in 2014.

  • Speak Up! Speak Out! Public Address By Angela Davis (2010)
  • South Country Fair Music and Poetry Festival (2010)
  • Council of Canadians Annual General Meeting (2010)
  • Manifesto Festival of Culture and Community (2010)
  • Vancouver Island Music Festival (2011)
  • Hillside Community and Music Festival (2011)
  • Islands Folk Festival (2011)
  • Wakefield Fringe Festival (2012)
  • One World Film Festival (2012)
  • Hogans Alley Poetry Festival (2012)
  • 3i Environmental Summit (2012)
  • Ottawa Versefest (2014)
  • When Brothers Speak Spoken Word Concert (2014)
  • Nextfest Theatre Arts Festival (2015)
My Featured Work

My Portfolio

My Portfolio
Examples of poems from Brandon's Classes



After work a walk through the cow field, two sad tents left standing, the clothesline dragging low with lost wet towels, the old bull there, tired from yesterday’s teasing, to the lake rocks at Linnea

My Favorite Place in Nature

Nadia Chaney

this body, not an apology
this body, a river, in constant movement forgiveness
this body, a mountain, in constant stillness wisdom
this body not here for your words, your loud, not here for your hands moulding me into something i’m not

This body, not an apology

Danni-Rae Mistaken Chief


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